What is RandomCar?

RandomCar is side-scrolling platformer with physics simulation and provides extreamly challenging levels. As special feature, it comes with unstable and un-working leveleditor, but you can still try to beat leveleditor and edit existing levels or even create a new one. If you have create good level then you can suggest to adding it to game. For that, you can contact me with feedback-form above. Also remember mention your email for possible contact. Also remember mention your email for possible contact..

The game is still very early stage, so there is many things that is simply missing or broken, but I'm still thankfull if you just try it out and possibly give feedback for me.

Bugs and feature-requests can report to Trac (In english), which is also developer's channel for documentation and internals. The game is licenced under GPL (parts as Creative Commons).


RandomCar 0.0.3 released4.2.2010

New version of RandomCar is released. There is new menu background and lots of new controllers have been created and therefor there is few new levels (Witch makes level count now up to 6 without tutorial)

RandomCar website announced1.2.2010

Now provides small amount of information and links for dowloading game.


Screenshot from mainmenu Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot from leveleditor

Download RandomCar 0.0.3 (Stable) Download RandomCar 0.0.3 (Stable)

Give feedback

You can give feedback with above form and you can write in english or finnish. If you can't find anything to say then here is just few hints what I would like to know:

Developed by Teijo Mursu